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6 BEST Birthday Gifts For Sister 11 Year Old, She Will Love it

6 BEST Birthday Gifts For Sister 11 Year Old, we find out the best gift that you can give your kid sister to win her heart & I am sure she will love it.

1. SuperStyle Journal Daily Notebook USA - Check Price At AmazonSuperStyle Journal Daily Notebook Birthday Gift

·  UNIQUE PLUSH LION DESIGN: The case of the diary book is made of a comfortable and soft plush material and delicate embroidery lion patterns, which will certainly attract the attention of those around you. Soft fuzzy and fantastic colorful colors. The pretty look and pleasant to touch must be kids' favor.

·  HIGH QUALITY: Lined 64 pages fluffy notebook for kids, the inside paper is of moderate thickness, smooth writing, which can bring a lot of fun for kids. It has stitched pages that are safer than glue letter-size notebook for easy carry and store.

·  VERSATILE USE FOR JOYS: Can be used for writing diaries, secrets, wishes, notes, drawing, doodling or any other inspiration and creation. You will find more happiness in writing a diary or doing other things that will bring pleasant memories over many years and return to the wonderful childhood.

·  SAFETY LOCK AND KEY: Cool plush diary with safe lock and key for ideas and secrets place, helps to record her thoughts and bright events. All secrets will be safe under a safe lock and if one key is lost (it happens) the other will be a spare.

·  GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS: Makes a perfect present for a child at Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, holidays, party gift, school office supplies, and more. Ideal gift for kids ages 3 years old and up, your sweet kids will love to spend hours writing and drawing in this glitter dairy.

2. WOWGO Kids Digital Camera 12MP USA - Check Price At Amazon

WOWGO Kids Digital Camera 12MP USA

·  12.0 Megapixels and 1080p HD Video - The kids camera has HD lens both front and rear. Upgraded to more high resolution, it can take 12 megapixels of high-quality photos. With 1080P video option in recording, kids can better record the track of their childhood and capture the memorable moment.

·  Multi-function and 32GB High Capacity - In addition to taking photos, recording, and playback, the upgrade new kids cameras comes with more functions, such as burst shooting, time shooting, 4 filter effect and 12 funny stickers. It also comes with a 32G TF card that allows storing thousands of photos. No need to worry about running out of storage anymore!

·  Rechargeable Built-In Battery - With the built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and it can take photos or video for 3 hours. Take it everywhere you go and capture the wonderful moment. Connect to the computer via a USB cable to transfer photos/videos, or to recharge the kid's camera.

·  Safe Materials - This camera is made of environment-friendly and non-toxic material, it is safe and comfortable for children’s skin.

·  Perfect Gift for Kids - The kids' digital camera is extremely cute, small, and lightweight, perfect size for little hands. Easy to use and carry around. It is the best Thanksgiving / Christmas / birthday gift to Children.

3. 11th Birthday Necklace USA 2021 - Check Price At Amazon

11th Birthday Necklace USA

  • 11th Birthday Gifts for Girls: This is the cutest jewelry birthday gift for an 11-year-old girl. Worked perfectly for 11th Birthday Girl, 11-year-old Girl outfits or Christmas gift for 11 year old Girls. The 11th birthday gifts set contains one Necklace with number 11 and two little accessories, one Bracelet with number 11 and two little accessories
  • 11th Birthday Necklace: the charm Necklace with number 11, with cute daisy, a tag with meaningful quotes “Believe In You like I DO” to show your little princess how much you loves her
  • 11th Birthday charm Bracelet: the charm Bracelet with number 11, with lovely daisy and little accessories
  • Gift for 11 year old Girl: the 11th Birthday Gifts set is made by 316L stainless steel, never change color or get tarnished, Strong, and durable for daily wear. Perfect for 11th birthday gifts for a girl and the 11th birthday outfit
  • Gifts for 11 years old Girl: DoraDreamDeko is a registered trademark in US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE. If you do not satisfy our product 11th Birthday Gift, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you a 100% refund.

4. Monobeach Princess Tent Girls Large USA 2021 - Check Price At Amazon

Monobeach Princess Tent Girls Large USA 2021

·  Newfangled Castle Design: Inspired by castles in a fairy tales, this beautiful and remarkable princess house can help your little princess dreams come true. Which kid does not like a little secret place?

·  Special Gift: This is the cutest fairy house tent, providing a private space for your kids to entertain themselves, read and relax. This sizable tent can accommodate up to 3 kids at the same time. What an amazing present! Add to cart and take it home now!

·  Dimensions: 55 x 53 inches. Made from high-quality polyester taffeta which is also quite comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

·  Application: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sites such as home, kindergarten, backyard, parks and so on.

5. Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker for Girls USA - Check Price At Amazon

Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker for Girls USA

·  Super Easy To Use and Set Up - The Inspiratek Fitness Tracker has a One-Touch system for easy use!

·  Perfect for Boys and Girls Age 5 to 16 - The custom design is built to fit Securely and Comfortably!

·  Multi-Functional Fitness Tracker - Comes with Over 10 Built-In Functions and a helpful Custom App!

·  Awesome Gift Idea for Sons and Daughters - Perfect for Birthdays and all gift occasions!

·  Satisfaction Guarantee - Our customers are our #1 priority.

6. Cute Mini Leather Backpack Fashion USA - Check Price At Amazon

Cute Mini Leather Backpack Fashion USA

·  LARGE SIZE: Approx dimensions are 9.84"(L)x4.33"(W)x12.2"(H).

·  GOOD QUALITY: Upgraded better materials and zipper hardware, polyester lining.

·  STRUCTURE: Zipper Closure, with adjustable shoulder straps. Multi Pockets: 1 main compartment, 2 front zip pockets.

·  CAPACITY: This cute mini backpack both forgirls and women, used for daily, shopping, day trips, and short travel. It can hold your wallets, keys, cell phones, makeups, and other small accessories and kinds of stuff.

·  TRENDY DESIGN: It's a simple, cute, and feminine type of small bag, with the Bowknot on the leather backpack adds some cuteness, looking fresh and young and will catch everyone's eyes. Mini size and bowknot decor make you look chic and fashion which is a great gift for also girls and women.

I hope you got the idea with 6 BEST Birthday Gifts For Sister 11 Year Old... Thanks for the reading.

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