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Younger Brother Want To Save His Sister More Than His Life - Brother And Sister Love

Brother And Sister Love: A long time ago in the hospital, a small 7 years old girl was suffering from a rare and serious disease, and the same disease his 5-year-old brother has. But miraculously he survived and his body creates antibodies that overcome illness from his body. The doctor is struggling to save the girl and they got an idea if they transfer antibodies from brother to sister through blood transfusion they can save the girl. The doctor knew it is a long process so they decided to ask the 5 years old brother, Doctor come and sit with the little brother and start talking. Doctor: you want to save your sister? Boy: Yes Doctor. Doctor: if you give your blood to your sister then she will be healthy again, are you willing to give your blood? Boy: looks shocking and hesitated but he smiles and said: "Yes I Will Do It For My Sister." After 1 day the blood transfusion process is started... little brother lying next to sister's bed and he is smiling, after sometime

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